Welcome to STORAGECORP Ltd. the only company worth storing your files with*

*Note: STORAGECORP is not responsible for any corrupt, lost or possibly altered data. All data stored on STORAGECORP servers legally belongs to STORAGECORP and may be passed on to whomever is concerned.


Your new job involves multiple colourful and dazzling tasks, such as:
         - Storing physical files as digital files on a server
         - Compressing files to save storage space
         - Buying new drives for more storage

WOW! Sounds really dope and cool and stuff!

Instructions (you should probably read):

- Drag falling files and folders into the computer to be stored on the floppy disks.
- If the MAXIMUM of 20 PHYSICAL FILES is reached, you will lose.
- If ALL of the STORAGE is USED, you will lose.
- If you FAIL to DRAG FILES into the computer, you will lose.
- Last as long as possible.


- That mouse thing you have plugged in (hopefully).


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cool game, i can see the potential
i like the idea of trimming the file down with the scissors.

This game is cool

This Game looks cool